Drew R. Davis


2012–present: University of South Dakota
PhD: Biology
Dissertation Title: Individual Differences in Amphibian Ability to Persist Through Multiple Stressors
Advisor: Jacob L. Kerby, PhD

2010–2012: Texas State University
MS: Population and Conservation Biology
Thesis Title: Predator-Prey Interactions in the San Marcos Salamander (Eurycea nana): Predator Generalization and Stress Hormones in Response to Introduced Predators
Advisor: Caitlin R. Gabor, PhD

2005–2009: University of Texas at Austin
BS: Biology (Ecology, Evolution, Behavior)
Research Project: Morphological Variation in the Western Slimy Salamander (Plethodon albagula)
Advisors: Gregory B. Pauly, PhD and Travis J. LaDuc, PhD



Kalie M. Leonard (B.S. Biology, University of South Dakota): The effects of the neonicotinoid clothianidin on larval Western Tiger Salamanders.
Rachel E. Johannsen (B.S. Biology, University of South Dakota): Curating and georeferencing vouchers specimens of amphibians and reptiles in South Dakota.
Andrew D. Koch (B.S. Biology, University of South Dakota): Effects of agricultural contaminants and ranavirus infection on stress hormone levels in Plains Leopard Frogs (Rana blairi).
Gabrielle A. Maltaverne (B.S. WIldlife and Fisheries Sciences, South Dakota State University, 2016): Establishing amphibian and repitle teaching collections at South Dakota State University and Oak Lake Field Station.
Katie J. Ferguson (B.S. Biology, University of South Dakota, 2014): Examining the influence of agricultural tile drainage on water-borne hormone levels of larval Western Tiger Salamanders.
Michael J. Edwards (B.S. Biology, Texas State University, 2012): Mosquitofish predation on Eurycea salamander eggs and larvae.
Dominic L. DeSantis (B.S. Wildlife Biology, Texas State University, 2013): Predator avoidance in the Barton Springs Salamander, Eurycea sosorum.