The Davis Lab at Eastern New Mexico University focuses on the ecology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles across North America, particularly across the southwestern and midwestern United States. We have conducted studies involving emerging technologies (environmental DNA, drones), behavioral ecology, stress physiology, disease ecology, ecotoxicology, and natural history to gain a deeper insight into threats and challenges species and populations face, all with the goal of helping to conserve both species and critical habitat. In addition to field- and laboratory-based studies, my lab also utilizes museum collections and specimen-based research to further our understanding of topics concerning amphibian and reptile ecology and taxonomy, such as morphological studies, retrospective pathogen sampling, dietary studies, and examining community change through time. Studies understanding the distribution and ecology of non-native species has become a recent area of interest, particularly with non-native geckos.

RECRUITING: I am recruiting graduate M.S. students (for Fall 2023) and undergraduates (for Spring 2023) interested in volunteering with on-going projects or conducting independent research on relevant topics. Please send an email stating your research interests and background to: drew.davis (at) enmu.edu