BIOL 2610: Principles of Biology: Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution: This course is an introduction to the dynamic processes of living things. Major topics include the mechanisms of evolution, biological diversity, population genetics, and ecology. MWF 11:00–11:50 am; SCI 108.

BIOL 404/505: Wildlife Management and Conservation: Theory, methods and philosophy of wildlife management or conservation emphasizing game, non-game and endangered species. T/Th 12:30–2:00 pm; SCI 214.

BIOL 592: Research Presentation in Biology: Selected topics in biology, especially as they relate to the master’s degree and career preparation, and an oral presentation of a research prospectus to the biology faculty. This course will discuss many important issues surrounding presentation of scientific research. It will also present general information on how to review current biological literature, write a critique on scientific papers, develop a research proposal, and prepare and deliver a scientific presentation in various formats. W 5:00–7:30 pm; SCI 214.