New Publications: new notes on Texas and South Dakota amphibians and reptiles

Twelve new, short notes were involving amphibians and reptiles in Texas and South Dakota were published from December 2020–December 2021 in Herpetological Review. Six are single Geographic Distribution Notes, three are far larger collections of distributional records (containing 12, 17, and 31 records), and three are Natural History Notes. All Texas distribution records were from south Texas (e.g., Guadiana et al. 2020) and along the Gulf Coast (e.g., Davis 2021c), while those from South Dakota are from the south-central region (Davis. 2021a). The Natural History Notes include a report of a new diet record for Masticophis flagellum (Robinson and Davis 2020), information of reproductive timing for Kinosternon flavescens (Davis et al. 2021), and information on aquatic escape behavior and time spent submerged by Anolis sagrei (Davis 2021d). 

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